the possibilities are infinite
With the right financial advice, the possibilities are indeed infinite.

“Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

In the past, selecting a financial adviser was not always the easiest task. But now, thanks to
Old Mutual, you no longer need to rely on word of mouth and guess work to make this important choice. In a revolutionary move, Old Mutual is proud to introduce CoDA, the Circle Of Distinguished Advisers – a group of top financial advisers who qualify (and are continually evaluated against) a stringent set of industry criteria.

By choosing a CoDA adviser, you know that you’re partnering with someone who’s dedicated to putting your needs first. CoDA advisers are continually measured on their dedication to creating holistic financial plans, meeting both the short and long term needs of their customers. It’s about understanding the individual needs of each and every customer, and creating a balanced financial plan to meet those needs.

Adopting a 360° approach in everything they do, these advisers are not simply focussed on making sales, but rather making a difference to peoples' lives.