Q: What is a CoDA?

A: CoDA is an acronym for Circle of Distinguished Advisers. It is an exclusive, internal programme which acknowledges a select top echelon of Advisers who have achieved specific criteria centered around quality of advice and world-class practices that focus on the customer centricity.

Q: What are the Criteria for Membership?

A: There are 5-criteria
• Minimum of 3-years experience as an Adviser
• An overall rating of “Fit” in annual Practice “Health Checks”.
• A rating of “Super-fit” in annual reviews
• Minimum Trophy Points (top 100)
• CFP Status

Q: How does one apply?

A: The application process is fairly simple. The Adviser and the Area Management (SM and AM) will decide to apply after matching the Adviser and his/her practice against the criteria. If they agree that it is met in terms of experience, Trophy Points and CFP, they will apply for membership to Bronwyn Maingard via e-mail. Audits will then be arranged to assess the “Health status” of that practice.

Q: What is expected of CoDA Members?

A: There is a strict Code of Conduct that members are required to adhere to.
• Achieving and maintaining their qualifications as Certified Financial Planners,
• Committing to exceptional, regular and ongoing advice to their customers to achieve a “Super Fit Health Check” rating for client reviews,
• Building a highly professional practice where best practice principles are adopted to the extent that they achieve a “Fit Health Check” rating,
• Striving for extraordinary customer relationships which are built on trust and delivery of their financial goals and expectations

Q: Is this life-long membership?

A: No, it is not. Currently a period of 12-months will be granted for CoDA members. Qualification is reviewed annually.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member?

A: There are a host of marketing benefits such as:
• Public relations opportunities
• Personalized CoDA stationery
• E-newsletters to customers
• CoDA Website
• Specialized business seminars
• Assistance with CPD points
• Many more benefits…

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of members who can qualify?

A: No, there is not.

Q: Does this programme replace any other recognition programme in PFA?

A: No, it does not. Specifically, the Club 51 and Convention (Offshore and Onshore) are not affected by this programme.

Q: Are the rules and criteria subject to change?

A: Yes, they are. Each year management will review the rules and criteria in an effort to ensure that the intended purpose of CoDA is still being met. Any changes will however be made with the due discretion and be signed off at the PFA EXCO.

With the right financial advice, the possibilities are indeed infinite.